Aaron Kleinerman

Yoga Yoga styles: Acrovinyasa, Acro Yoga, Vinyasa, Yin

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My Bio: 
I am a reserve Naval Officer. I teach and coach in the area of human behaviour and I am a Yoga teacher of Acrovinyasa, Vinyasa and Yin. I spend most of my days teaching on Bali, but also travel the world to give workshops. 

My journey: 
I started practicing more regularly in my early twenties, and I began to feel the benefits in all areas of my life. I realized this was a practice that was going to stay with me forever. 

Yoga for me was always an individual practice and he never had any thought of teaching. However, after over ten years of individual practice, the space of teaching began to call me forward. My teaching practice first began by sharing my skills as a acro student with fellow students and teachers. Acro practice became more of an art of watching people dissolve fear and awaken a new state of confidence. Through seeing this transformation on the mat, I began to dedicate himself to learning the essence and art of asana practice. 

My education: 
I am a certified 200 Hr Yoga Alliance teacher. I studied at the Green Yoga Institute in India. I am also a certified Acrovinyasa teacher, taking your yoga practice from the earth into the air.

My classes: 
Yoga is way beyond simply stretching your body. Every breathe we take, every movement of our bodies is an opportunity to explore the depths of our being. Yoga simply provides and outlet of creative exploration into our own awareness. It gives every human a platform to experience life through the eyes of the soul and the ears of the heart. This is the experience I love sharing with my students. As you look inside, there is a balance of both darkness and light, yoga is about learning to love both equally.

Now, much of my travels and teaching focus around sharing the practice of Acrovinyasa with big and small groups around the world. This partner based practice is great for team building, confidence building and invoking the inner child inside us all. I am a rotational teacher and studio manager at Yoga Searcher in Bali. Here I teach vinyasa, yin and of course Acrovinyasa. Wherever I may be, I incorporate my love of human behavior and transformation, as a teacher, a friend and someone willing to challenge you to step more fully into your deeper, more fuller version of yourself.

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