Bénédicte Peroz

Yoga Yoga styles: Hatha, Iyengar

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Thin 0657 medal award rating prize achievement Teaching since: 2011

In November 2011, at the foothills of the Himalayas in India, Bénédicte went to absorb the atmosphere initiating herself to the techniques of meditation during a Vipassana retreat. She discovered the first essence of Yoga: calm and inner peace.

This was the beginning of her journey to India, where she started her first training in Ashtanga Yoga. Bénédicte regularly trains and supplements her passion with the great masters of yoga, such as Faeq Biria, Christian Pisano (Iyengar yoga), Olop Arpipi and Kathy Cook, Bali, and Godfrey Devereux (Dynamic yoga). Yoga has become a philosophy, a daily way of life for her. She believes it creates a wonderful openness to others within the spirit of community, where ideas and experiences can be shared.

Today Benedict offers introductory courses in yoga, where she teaches breathing technique, meditation, body alignment and mindfulness. These courses are taught to give everyone valuable tools to better manage the everyday life stress.


My Gurus: BSK iyengar, Faec Biria, Christian Pisano, Godfrey Devereux

My Best Yoga memory: The first time I was feeling That I was back in my own path.. ( I was 40) thanks to my meeting with Godfrey Devereux. That I realized every thing was fine….the way it is…


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