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Yoga Yoga styles: Power Yoga, Therapeutic Yoga, Vinyasa

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Connect by Colleen is truly open to anybody with a desire to move, to stretch and to ultimately discover what is attainable from the yoga mat both physically and mentally. 

Classes from Connect by Colleen
Our yoga classes are designed for people who may be new to yoga wanting to create a practice. For people who may be experienced with yoga looking to add more challenge to their practice and for people who may be simply curious about yoga.

The classes are designed to be a mix of FUN and FOCUS, sprinkled with some CHALLENGE and LIGHT-HEARTEDNESS. Some GREAT MUSIC and yes, sometimes even a LITTLE Bit of SWEAT. Trust me, it does the body good. 

Yoga styles at Connect by Colleen
(1) Vinyasa
Vinyasa, also called 'flow' yoga. Vinyasa is primarily derived from Ashtanga yoga, but Vinyasa is more creative. Vinyasa means to connect poses with breath in a non-stop flow. It is a dynamic form of yoga , combining fast sequences and controlled breathing. Toxins are eliminated and the body gets revitalized.

(2)  Power Yoga
Power yoga is a modern fitness-based form of Vinyasa yoga, which has the distinction of rigorous training with more dynamic sequences than average. A subcategory of power yoga is 'Baptiste yoga', which is power yoga that is practiced in a hot or moderately heated room. 

(3)  Therapeutic Yoga
Yoga therapy sessions are individual and tailored to a person's specific problems. It is intended for people with physical illnesses (cancer, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, etc.) or mental illnesses (depression, etc.) and is a good complement to traditional treatments of these diseases. It blends restorative yoga, breath work, hands-on-healing and guided meditation.

When you have reserved your spot in the class by booking it on Where Is My Mat, you will pay the teacher directly after the class. We only accepts cash payments. 

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