Fabrice Tyack

Yoga Yoga styles: Cross yoga, Vinyasa

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Thin 0657 medal award rating prize achievement Teaching since: 2009

After studying engineering in Agronomy and obtaining my master, I quickly started working and held senior positions in different sectors of finance, focusing more particularly on social protection activities in the world of business. During this busy time I kept continuing sports competitions and hip hop and in the end became champion of France and vice champion Europe and the world.

Because of the intensity of my business life I started becoming more interested in physical activities that created a balance for the body and mind. After testing a yoga class more than 15 years ago I immediately felt a connecting with it. At the time I was not even able to touch the tip of my feet.

I kept on training different forms of yoga for several years in France, Asia and the United Stated. Styles like Ashtanga, Hatha, Power Yoga, Iyengar, Nidra, Pranayama, Meditation, Yoga of sound and many more. I found that each discipline was answering questions from the mind and body in their own respective ways.

I teach my classes with a lot of pleasure, trying to bring happiness to many beginners, enthusiasts, insiders, youth, adults and elderly around the world.

Apart from my teaching, I also raise funds for my association "Yoga Paris Project",which helps to support nurseries in Kerala, India. 

One of my other passions is the festival Full Yoga Experience, that I created. This festival presents different types of yoga for yogis and anyone who wants to learn. It is a festival that I organize in different places. We already went to Sitges, Guadeloupe, Cannery Islands and Barcelona. This year we will go to Ibiza. 

Practice every day with me, wherever you are, on YOGA Connect: https://myyogaconnect.com/?s=fabrice+tyack

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