Katia Sedikki

Yoga Yoga styles: Hatha, Iyengar, Vinyasa

Thin 0279 chat message comment bubble Speaks: Français

Thin 0657 medal award rating prize achievement Teaching since: 2012

I started my yoga practice following respiratory problems and restless sleep. I wanted to increase my lung and pulmonary to be able to sleep better. After finding out about this and many more benefits that came along from practicing yoga I decided to make a study out of it.

I started my training in the traditional Hatha yoga and after a few years I completed a Yoga Works Training in Vinyasa. More committed to yoga than ever I followed and completed a 3 years training to be qualified to teach Iyengar yoga.

I prefer giving classes to a group of about 6 students to work together and discover in a harmonious environment the limitations of their bodies and work from their ability in the present moment.

Practice every day with me, wherever you are, on YOGA Connect: https://myyogaconnect.com/?s=katia+seddiki

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