Lisa Esteve Pacoud

Yoga Yoga styles: Vinyasa, Warriors Yoga

Thin 0279 chat message comment bubble Speaks: Français

Thin 0657 medal award rating prize achievement Teaching since: 2012

Formed by Aria and Gus, Lisa Esteve Pacoud gives classes in Warriors yoga where she concentrates on on dynamism, body placement, breathing and self-control.

Having been a dance enthusiast since the age of four, Lisa choreographed competitions, winning several national prizes and integrating different dance companies. Yoga has become an excellent complement to her job as a dancer.

As a Vinyasa yoga enthusiast, she studied at Ashtanga in Mysore (India), supervised by the best Yogis. She now teaches at Healthy Warriors a yoga called 'Warriors Yoga' which is designed by Gus and Aria the owners of Healthy Warriors, which is a dynamic and playful method that they designed after years of teaching in Los Angeles.

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