Maria Stenvinkel

Yoga Yoga styles: Hatha, Meditation, Raja Yoga, Vinyasa

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Now, you might expect me to say something like, "I've always loved yoga".

But, I haven't. In fact, I struggled with yoga for a long time. I couldn't understand what all the fuss was about or how twisting yourself into a pretzel could be fun.

The turning point for me was when I replaced pressure with pleasure. That's when I really started enjoying this ancient Indian practice. That's what I hope to bring to you; to help you get pulled, not pushed by the practice. To allow yoga to come into your life at a pace that works for you.

The yoga I teach is mainly Rajadhiraja Yoga (“the yoga of the king of kings”). The name might sound complicated, but it's really not. The yoga style includes the most common yoga poses, but also breath holding and deep relaxation to get a maximal effect from the practice. It's a dynamic yoga and an all round systematic and scientific process for the development of the body, mind and soul. I'm certified by the Yoga Alliance and I did my Yoga Teacher Training in the Himalayas, India. See you on the mat!

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