Oriane Rousset

Yoga Yoga styles: Hatha, Vinyasa

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My journey: Classical dance has rocked my childhood from the age of 5. I was taught body awareness combined with the joy of movement and alignment. But dance can also be very demanding on the body. Despite my desire to make it my job, I started to understand that I could not be happy going in this direction. I was constantly exceeding my body limits and the world of dance is highly competitive.

At first, I started with yoga for relaxing and breathing. After this I reconnected yoga with dance at the Studio Keller, run by two contemporary dancers who are also yoga teachers. At this time I was having trouble finding a fulfilling career path. I undertook body-centered therapy, a therapy that involves the body and the unconscious rather than the intellect. This therapy has not only revealed my blocks and exceeded them, but was also an awakening of my consciousness. This experience has changed my life so much that now I try to give it back through education, to help others overcome their fears and limitations. The role of those who have healed is to help others heal in return. This concept of freedom and movement learned with dancing and the idea of ​​using yoga as a means of healing are the 2 red threads that I explore in my teaching.

I am a Yoga teacher since October 2012. I teach group classes (all levels) and private lessons in the center of Paris, as well as workshops yoga and personal development.

I teach Happy yoga, a mix of Hatha and Vinyasa which is inspired by my dancing career. Through different themes each week, I teach students how to move more freely with their own body, learn to respect it, to love it, to strengthen it, to tame it for a better live, and develop a more positive relationship to themselves.

During the personal development workshops I use yoga as a tool to explore themes such as resilience, or letting go of self-acceptance.

Practice everyday with me, wherever you are, on YOGA Connect: https://myyogaconnect.com/?s=oriane+rousset

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