Sigi Kolbe

Yoga Yoga styles: Hatha, Power Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, Vinyasa, Yin

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Thin 0657 medal award rating prize achievement Teaching since: 2006

My bio:
I am a nurse, midwife, artist, painter, photographer and yogi from Namibia who has the Namibian desserts as her playground.

My journey:
My husband introduced me to yoga in 1999. At first I would practice at home or attend classes on my travels. After I obtained my Yoga certification in 2006 I started teaching regularly from my studio at home.

At first the physical asana practice drew me in. I was always active and went to the gyms, did aerobics, ran half marathons, became a black belt in kickboxing and even did a brief  stint in motocross racing. Although I enjoyed all these activities, I was prone to injury and was thus drawn to a practice that was far more wholistic namely yoga. Today Yoga is far more than just the physical practice although I still enjoy it immensely. I consider Yoga a mood tonic. I have found it lifts my mood every time. Some days are harder than others and when I’m feeling down or sad Yoga always makes me feel better. I have also found  it extremely important in calming and grounding me. I am hyperactive and tend to multitask, so finding time to simply sit and breath has been perfect in connecting the physical with the mental and spiritual sides of my life.

My classes:
I teach Yin Yoga, Vinyasa, Prenatal yoga and Power Yoga. I opened my own studio in September 2016 (Urban Zen).

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